Specialist Pure Silk Thread suppliers, PIPERS SILKS

Specialist Pure Silk Thread suppliers, PIPERS SILKS has been supplying specialised silk yarns to embroiderers, lacemakers, fishing rod builders, textile conservators and restorers for over 30 years.  During this time, Pipers Silks have built up a solid reputation for reliability and specialist knowledge of the high quality pure silk threads that we sell.

Pipers Silks is a mail-order company providing online or telephone ordering.  However, if customers prefer we will accept orders by post or fax.


  Silk Thread Products

We sell both flat and twisted continuous filament (gloss/nett) silk or spun silk yarns ranging from very fine 30 denier silk threads suitable for miniature embroidery work and Honiton lace to medium size threads also suitable for embroidery and lace, up to very thick 1200 denier for use as a gimp thread.

For fishing rod restorers/builders we can provide traditional sizes and shades together with floss silks for fly-tying.

  Our Silk Thread Customers

Among our customers are well-known authors and teachers including Sandi Woods, Helen M Stevens and Ulrike Voelcker (Lohr). All of Helen M Stevens’ embroidery books feature our floss silks and all of the lace designs in Ulrike Voelcker’s (Lohr) ‘Butterfly and Moth’ and ‘Stil-Bluten’ (flower designs) are worked in our floss silks.  Sandi Woods’ lace patterns are worked in a combination of 80/3 Spun Silk and 90/3 Gloss Silk.

  Our Silk Thread Colours

PIPERS SILKS pure silk threads are available in an extensive range of colours throughout most of our sizes and we also offer a colour matching service. View our colour charts.


Silk Thread
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Silk Embroidery Thread for Ulrike Designs

Silk Thread for Sandi Woods Designs

"Since 1995 I have used Piper's Silks 80/3 spun silks and 90/3 gloss silks and been particularly satisfied with the quality, strength and extensive colour range of the threads"


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