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Coming soon Memories of a Mill Girl by Annette Howe

This book is a rare and personal insight into the extraordinary life of a lost village industry of which the author was born into.  Moreover, it gives a compelling account of the relatively little known world of silk throwing as told by Annette, whose family have been involved with the process for over 200 years.

As well as revealing the charming stories of a child being raised within the ambience of a working silk mill in rural Suffolk, it passionately describes many of the characters who were involved in this once thriving business.  The fact that silk products leaving this Suffolk mill have found their way into many of  the 20th Century Royal Wedding dresses gives this account a tinge of sadness that this enterprise has now been lost to the village of Glemsford.

‘Long may those silken threads gleam in the light as they spin with enduring peace and plenty for those that wind and weave’