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Split-Cane Fishing Rod Builders/Restorers

“In the infancy of Pipers Silks my Father was approached by a gentleman restoring a split-cane fishing rod who enquired as to whether he could supply a silk similar to the brand of silk that had been used for the whippings on his old rod.  The brand in question shall remain nameless but suffice to say, my Father set about constructing a silk thread to match, as near as possible, the thread on the gentleman’s rod.  The gentleman was delighted with the new silk and ordered the necessary shades to replicate the silks on his old battered rod and so began my Father’s entry in the split-cane fishing rod world!”

The entry into this world was indeed a new twist for Pipers Silks but we have many satisfied customers throughout the world now using our silks in traditional shades for whippings when restoring their split cane rods.

Pipers Floss Silks are also used to make flies for fly-tying and the Fine Twisted Silk and Gloss Silks are proving popular with float makers.

The picture shows handmade floats beautifully made by Paul Cook. Paul uses our 4/20 Fine Twisted Silk, 90/2 Twisted Gloss Silk, 90/3 Twisted Gloss Silk and 80/3 Twisted Gloss Silks on his floats.

Paul also makes and restores split-cane fishing rods again, using our silks.  Click on the link to visit Paul’s website and view his wonderful work www.aftofangling.net


4/20 Fine Twisted Silk as the name suggests is a fine silk thread, 60 denier – which may not mean much to fishermen, but it is used for intermediate whippings.

90/2 Twisted Gloss Silk is a ‘medium’ sized thread which can be used for whipping rod rings.

90/3 and 80/3 Twisted Gloss Silks are ‘thick’ threads which can be used for whipping ferrules and rod rings on heavier rods.

All the above silks are available in a range of traditional shades whilst the Floss Silk are available in a much wider colour range.
For those rod builders who require a silk to look transparent try using the light shades of Pale Cream 100 in 90/2 Twisted Gloss Silk and White in 90/2 Twisted Gloss Silk.