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The Gold One


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Denier: 130

5 x 100m cops

  1. Sandstone
  2. Autumn Gold
  3. Light Gold
  4. Citrus
  5. Pale Cream 100

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Our new 140/2 Spun Silk Packs consist of 5 x 100m cops of the most beautiful spun silk shades which have a gentle matt lustre.

140/2 Spun Silk can be used for either embroidery, lacemaking or needlework.  By comparison it is a little thinner than one strand of DMC Stranded Cotton but can easily be plied in the needle to the desired thickness. It is a twisted spun silk and can be used to great effect in embroideries where the high lustre of a continuous filament (ie floss silk) is not suitable.

For lacemaking 140/2 Spun Silk is equivalent to a Madeira or Tanne 50 (see Thread Comparison Chart in Buying Guide).



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