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Cithaerias Philis Silk Pack


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Black 80m
Autumn Gold 80m
Dark Pine 80m
Brown 200m
Violet 80m
African Violet 80m
Ivory 200m

In stock

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Each silk pack from Ulrike Voelcker’s (Löhr) Butterfly & Moth Designs has been conveniently packaged for you.  Just order your individual silk pack by name and we will send you enough silks to complete your chosen design.

Ulrike Voelcker’s (Löhr) Butterfly & Moth designs includes 15  butterfly and moth patterns made in point ground using colored silk floss. These true to life designs are exceptional in design, technique and interpretation. In German and English each design is fully diagrammed with instructions.

Note: packs contain silks only, patterns are available by purchasing Ulrike’s book from Van Sciver Bobbin Lace 

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