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Alpinum Silk Pack


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14 cops SILK FLOSS

Mid Azalea 80m
Jasmine 80m
Pastel Green 80m
Bright White 80m
Yellow Lime 80m
Sage 80m
Bluebell Blue 80m
Iris 80m
Chestnut 80m
New Leaf 80m
Azure 80m
Nutmeg 80m
Fir Green 80m
Dark Antique 80m

2 cops 2/20 TWISTED SILK 

Dark Ecru 250m
White 250m

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We have collected all of Ulrike’s delicate Stil-Bluten lace flower designs and presented you with conveniently packaged Floss Silks of various lengths.  Just order your individual silk pack by name and you will have enough silks to complete that beautiful design.

Ulrike Lohr’s Stil-Bluten Designs is a delightful collection of 18 point ground flowers worked in coloured silk threads. The designs range from art nouveau to natural. There are working diagrams and full-coloured photos or the flowers.

Note: packs contain silks only, patterns are available by purchasing Ulrike’s book from Van Sciver Bobbin Lace 

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