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DELIVERY DELAYS:  Unfortunately our deliveries have been delayed due to holidays in our workshop and more frustrating, a machine breakdown.  We are a small company and breakdowns are very troublesome as it’s all hands on deck to get up and running again.

We are doing our very best to catch up but if you’ve not received your order and are desperate to finish a project or have a commission or a class, please email us (see address below).  We have notified some of our customers and apologise if we’ve missed you – we’ve probably had our overalls on, scratching our heads to find the gremlins that are causing our problems!

If you require silks urgently please advise by emailing us direct once your order has been placed.

email: susanpeck@pipers-silks.com

Pipers Silks has been selling specialised silk yarns for nearly four decades. Our reputation for reliability and the specialist knowledge of our high quality silk threads enables us to find just the right silk for you and our many customers all over the world.

Our silks are very popular with embroiderers, lacemakers, split-cane fishing rod builders/restorers, textile conservators and restorers but they also have many other uses.

Our Work

Pipers Silks supply a wide range of silk threads for use in Lacemaking and Embroidery. To view our full range of silks
visit our Shop

         Our silk threads are used by re-knowned textile
artists and lace designers.We have Silk Packs
available for many of these designs.

© Paul Cook

Our Gloss Silks are popular with
Split-Cane Rod Restorers who use them to whip rods and floats.  Pipers Floss Silk is used to make flies for Fly-tying.

 Our Customers

Sandi Woods – Author, Designer, Fine Artist & Lacemaker

“Since 1995 I have used Piper’s Silks 80/3 spun silks and 90/3 gloss silks and been particularly satisfied with the quality, strength and extensive colour range of the threads.

The service and advice I have received has always been exemplary, both friendly and helpful to me and my students, with knowledge that is second to none.

In a word, I would sum up Piper’s Silks as being excellent.”

Helen M Stevens – International Textile Artist

“I have been using Piper’s silks for over 25 years – in fact it is safe to say that without them, I would not have the career which I do today!

Embroideries which I worked almost three decades ago are as vibrant and colourful now as they were when first stitched!

Their shades, textures and ease of use continue to be an inspiration and joy.”

Ulrike Voelcker (Lohr) – Author, Designer & Lace Teacher

“For many years I have worked with Pipers Silks. They have many different qualities that can be used for many different laces.  I especially like the 4/20 for Chantilly and prefer the spun silks for the gimp.

The Floss is my favourite for Flanders and all the other Flemish laces like Mechlin and Parise because it fills the clothwork so nicely.  The huge range of colours also helps to bring Polychrome Blonde alive.

Also, for Rib and Roll, my project for 2010, I use 6/20 Fine Twisted Silk and 90/2 Twisted Gloss Silk because these threads are incredibly reliable in durability, they rarely break, whatever we do to them while making our sewings.”

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If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.